XJ-SC Hard Top

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      Mark Thorley

        If you are feeling flush and after this scarce item go to EBay item number 311756920205

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        Steve Tebben

          Hello Mark
          Thanks for sharing that link. You made me feel a lot better about the hardtops that I purchased for my two XJ-SC’s.
          I bought two of them a few years ago from Paul’s Jaguar down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
          I needed one in Black and one in Dark Brown. Paul had only two left, one Dark Blue and one Black but they were both in really bad condition inside and out. I had to completely restore them both which was quite a job. I paid $ 785 for one and $ 595 for the other plus shipping. Then I had the costs for new outer padding and fabric, seals, latches, new headlining, and the cost to remove the glass windows and reinstall them on each one. I never added up the final costs once I finally finished them but know I didn’t spend $1,800 on each one.

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          Laurence Jones

            Ouch that’s a lot of money, circa £1,400

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            John Bleasdale

              One of our members has one for sale Bargain at £1000.00 probably used twice– The problem is they are very fragile for transportation / Shipping. Also one of our members in Rome requires one but how do we get it to him any ideas?
              By the way the Blue one on E Bay item number 311756920205 Has been on and off e bay for a long time.

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              Mark Thorley

                Yes Steve, it’s always quite reassuring to know what the going rate generally is for such items and that what you may have assumed were potentially costly, were in fact reasonable, as it appears in your case:-)
                Such items are desirable but as Laurence says, it’s a lot of ££££’s and unfortunately beyond my budget, even if it appears to be in nice condition.
                The other one at £1000 sounds more reasonable, depending on condition, for as Steve pointed out, restoration costs are not cheap.
                Hopefully there will be a way to help the Member in Rome. There are often small Transportation Companies who frequently cross to/fro Europe and the Mainland GB. Might be worth putting details about it on Anyvan.com to get some quotes. I’ve used this before to get a full interior set for a Lancia Delta Integrale from Germany to me here in Selby and it was only £220.00 all in!!
                A wooden box could soon be knocked up from Lat and 5mm Ply to contain the Hardtop wrapped in Bubble wrap for protection

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                Gary Patrick McMahon

                  I just restored the hard top on my Talisman/Isis 87 Cab. The outer material is Haartz Cambria cloth and is still available. It is glued directly to the fiberglass shell with no padding. I pulled the window myself and reset it with
                  3M Window-Weld. I did both Targa panels also with new headliner material included, then pulled the windscreen and recovered the header section also so that everything matched…

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                  Mark Thorley

                    You’re a braver Man than me Gary, especially in regards to the removal of the cars front windscreen. The hardtop window I might have had a bash, but not the main front one.
                    You make it sound quite easy, which I’m sure it wasn’t. What were the tricky bits? How long did it take you?

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                    peter charman

                      Has anyone any idea if I could purchase one of these hard tops now?







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                      Bryan Thomas

                        Hi Peter  my hard top in Black  is for sale  its in good condition  and ready to fit on your cabriolet  I bought it 4 years ago for my concours car but only had it on twice   I paid £950 for it  and it was  in a jaguar box but the inner lining had drooped  and latches were missing  I put new lining and found new latches  I don’t want to make money on it just  get back  what I paid  if your interested  please email me at brycabriolets@sky.com im also on facebook  where you can see  pictures of the hard top fitted to my car  regards Bryan Thomas Leicester UK

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                          Hello Guys ; my hard top in Black  is for sale also. It is in verry good condition, but I live in the Netherlands….

                          You can write me on my email-adresse noort35@zonnet.nl.

                          Regards Frank

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                            I still have a lot of items more:  the softtop cover in Black and the 2 tops like new.

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                              Gino Mariman

                                Hallo Frank,

                                Je mag de softtop alvast reserveren voor me. Heb je net een persoonlijke mail verstuurd. Contacteer me aub op nr. 0032 485 16 80 80 Bedankt en tot snel, Gino. Ik woon in België 🙂 😉


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