New Cabriolet member – John Cobbledick

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      Laurence Jones

      Welcome to John, hope you will find this website useful and enjoyable, and are able to contribute with new topics or joining in existing topics.

      If you would like to make yourself known, by replying to this topic, I’m sure others will join in with some history of your Cabriolet once you have.


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      Steve Tebben

      Hello John,
      I think if you check your VIN the correct last six numbers are 144075, not 114075 as entered in your profile.
      There is no Cabriolet with last six numbers of 114075.
      Kind Regards,

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      John Bleasdale

      Well spotted Steve good job someone is keeping a check.

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      John Cobbledick

      Thanks for the feedback Steve you are spot on.I will correct the number on my profile !

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