Reply To: XJ-SC Hard Top

Steve Tebben

    Hello Mark
    Thanks for sharing that link. You made me feel a lot better about the hardtops that I purchased for my two XJ-SC’s.
    I bought two of them a few years ago from Paul’s Jaguar down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
    I needed one in Black and one in Dark Brown. Paul had only two left, one Dark Blue and one Black but they were both in really bad condition inside and out. I had to completely restore them both which was quite a job. I paid $ 785 for one and $ 595 for the other plus shipping. Then I had the costs for new outer padding and fabric, seals, latches, new headlining, and the cost to remove the glass windows and reinstall them on each one. I never added up the final costs once I finally finished them but know I didn’t spend $1,800 on each one.