Reply To: New Cabriolet owner member joins the site – Greg Souter

Greg Souter

    Thanks Laurence

    I signed up to the webpage, as I was handed a Jaguar Magazine (Edition 182 I think?) that had an article on XJSC, and that a record of them was trying to be established, I thought I’d help out- I think my car is already ‘known’ though

    It now happily resides in Adelaide, it has had a front end suspension rebuild, and now I’m tackling the interior gremlins- heater controls / AC etc.

    After that it is marked for a diff replacement, from a 2.88 to a 3.54.

    I’m happy to post more pics if wanted?

    The car has a 5spd manual fitted to it – not sure if that is sacrilege or not to other members on the site – apologies if so.. It does make for a fantastic drive through the Adelaide hills though….