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      Laurence Jones

        I’d like to welcome Greg to the website.

        Feel free to reply to this topic to let folk know a little about yourself and your car. You will also find 2 Photo Albums created for you, to upload photos of your Cabriolet and other XSJ cars, and the other for any general photo.

        If you have any problems or questions, please get in touch with me via the Contact form (from main menu).



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        John Bleasdale

          Hi Greg
          Thanks for signing up I see you have one of Andrew Weinberg’s two cabriolets he owned’
          This car was sent from California to Australia in 2004 and lives in Australia now.Has been converted to RHD in Australia.

          Photo 503
          This photo is from many years ago can you please post some up to date ones
          Kind Regards

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            Greg Souter

              Hi Bleasie

              Please excuse some of my ignorance on many things Jag, I’m still learning
              I bought this car from a gent in Far North NSW , Pip Nicholls? he told me he brought the car to Australia , may be he didn’t?

              The photo attached is one I took only a month back or so… I can send more if you wish. But I have a feeling you know a lot more about the car than me…… so any info is greatly appreciated.

              I saw your favourite quote about if Jag intended, jag would have made……

              Confession time – My V12 is 5spd,

              got a feeling you knew that maybe aswell though….

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                John Bleasdale

                  Hi Greg
                  The information I have is the Cabriolet you own is one of two owned by Andrew Weinberg the other one being Vin 148332,
                  Andrew Owns a company called Jaguar Specialties in Campbell California,& he sold it to Philip Nicholls in Australia.All this information was in the cars notes & Philip Nicholls name had not got added to Vin 144735 Now up dated I can tell you it’s number 4,424 of 5,013 built & built on 04/09/1987.
                  So for the records RHD conversion & V12 Man 5 spd.
                  Which Magazine was that I have the data on all 5013 cabriolets built, AH was it the Australian Jaguar Magazine by my mate Les?
                  If so starting to make sense.


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              Greg Souter

                Thanks Laurence

                I signed up to the webpage, as I was handed a Jaguar Magazine (Edition 182 I think?) that had an article on XJSC, and that a record of them was trying to be established, I thought I’d help out- I think my car is already ‘known’ though

                It now happily resides in Adelaide, it has had a front end suspension rebuild, and now I’m tackling the interior gremlins- heater controls / AC etc.

                After that it is marked for a diff replacement, from a 2.88 to a 3.54.

                I’m happy to post more pics if wanted?

                The car has a 5spd manual fitted to it – not sure if that is sacrilege or not to other members on the site – apologies if so.. It does make for a fantastic drive through the Adelaide hills though….

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