Reply To: Wind Deflecter


Bleasie, feel free to use pics for reference..
I meant to ask whether you still have your XJS-C as I know reg went onto your XK8, I do use JEC as well..

Bryan, I don’t know of one, other than mine which I bought secondhand in 2001. Only bought by chance as was buying a replacement cab hood advertised in JEC from chap called Mike Coxhead in Berks. who was moving to Rennes. I remember well as he also had a Red Lister XJS convertible with 15k on it trying to sell then for £28k.
Did a deal for hood and Deflector so it cost little more than the hood price.

Not seen one since on eBay either so probably quite rare item now. If I see one I will

PS I did buy some bits from your good self around that time too – cab rear box top boards and chrome rail plus rear number plate light cluster.. (from Greenhill Rd!)