XJ-SC Soft top bolts

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      Neal Caudle

      Hi, I recently purchased an Italian market 3.6 manual XJ-SC out of an aircraft hangar in Georgia, USA. It didn’t come with a hard or soft top, but I was able to find a NOS full rear soft top section with the frame.

      However, it didn’t come with mounting hardware for the C pillar attachment points for the frame. It seems the bolts which affix the soft top to the body under the rear window are the same as the 4 for the frame.

      Could anyone tell me A. if they are, and B. is there anywhere to buy them?

      I was interested in something original looking, rather than hardware store bolts. These are a pan head hex bolt.

      Thank you, N

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Neal,

      That is quite a find, well done you.

      I will take a look at my Cabriolet to check for you.


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