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      Allan Dunsford

        Evening all just got back from our mens groups BBQ happened to check my emails and thats the reason for my update .
        Its been a long time challenge for us in South Australia with our historical Registrations or should I say the prerequisites to comply .
        Well our Government has decided after a great deal of input from ALL car clubs in S.A to make it more flexible to enable owners to register their vehicles under NEW Club Registration that will make it more affordable to keep our cars on the road more often over a period of 90 days at a minimal cost this all started from July 1 so I’m looking forward to putting MY CAT on the road under this new system .

        Regards Allan
        South Australia

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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Allan Dunsford

          Does that work like a pay as you go scheme, so you don’t have to register/tax the car for the whole year (and then cancel the tax and get a refund for the months you don’t use – at less the monthly payment you paid to the Government).


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          Allan Dunsford

            Hi Lawrence Im still in the process of doing the changeover what it means that for a proportional amount of the overall annual fee I will be able to use our “CAT” 90 days a year and record by way of a log book the actual usage .
            AS before I was paying a quarterly fee and only using it once or twice in this period it in essence makes it more affordable to keep the vehicle on the road longer and more affordable . .


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            Allan Dunsford

              Regards Allan

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              Mark Thorley

                Great news Allan, enjoy your big Cat as much as you can. Laurence I pay my road taxes by direct debit over the 12 monthly scheme because proportionally the 6 times monthly premiums equate to less than the upfront 6 months tax figure. Besides this, if for example after a few months for some reason the car requires work potentially resulting in being off the road for a long period,you simply cancel the direct debit a week before the next due payment and make a SORN declaration on the very last day of the present month in which your last payment covered. This applies to any month throughout the annual road tax year. The fee charged for paying by direct debit is smaller that the amount paid for doing 6 months x 1 or two periods of 6 months if that the only way some can afford. Hope this makes sense, much easier when discussing face to face

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