Production Figures – Update Convertible – 4L – Manual Getrag 265 gearbox

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      I’ve recently purchased a 1994 Update Convertible in the UK with a “7” in the 9th position of the VIN. This makes it a factory 5 speed manual, which the car is. Engine is 4L AJ6, colour code is HFE over AEM.

      Does anyone of any ideas as to the production figures of this configuration.  I suspect it will be very low.




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      Laurence Jones

      Hi @tobr

      I think I read somewhere that the 4litre Convertible was only available with a manual gearbox option until 1987 when an automatic gearbox option was available. That might mean there were quite a few produced in the early years of production, but towards the end when yours was produced it might have been a lot lower with more folks going for the automatic.

      I’ll keep my eye out for some official statistics.


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