Pre-facelift rear spoiler for sale

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      Laurence Jones

      I have a rear spoiler for a pre-facelift XJS for sale – this is the one with the hole on the righthand end to allow for the ariel to raise and lower through. It has a few minor/light scratches on the surface, but no dints or chunks missing.

      Photo 1010
      Photo 1012

      Photo 1005
      Photo 1006

      Photo 1007
      Photo 1008

      Photo 1011
      Photo 1009

      I’m looking for £130 (not including postage)


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      Hello Laurence Jones
      If you look under the rubber mountings there may be a part number etched into the base of nearside mounting block if it’s a Jaguar sport/TWR spoiler. Not very clear to see but may read SPB 1005 which was the JaguarSport part reference – these are highly desirable.
      Just interested as looks like a TWR item.

      Not sure of markings for early TWR versions but there were also a few aftermarket producers of similar spoilers.

      Shame I bought one few months back especially as mine came without one rubber pad but it was the correct JaguarSport (SPB1005) version for my VIN 139++number so was a good buy.

      Regards, Robin

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      Zachary Keith

      Good Afternoon,

      My name is Zach Keith. I live in Colorado, USA. I am interested in this spoiler. Would you be willing to ship to USA. If not, I understand, it could be troublesome.

      I am recreating the look of an 1991 XJS Sport we once had, but doing so on 1995 year model.

      Thank you for your time.

      Best of Everything,




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