Cabriolet's Rear Side Window Rubbers replacement

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      Laurence Jones

        Hi all,

        I have just had the rear side window rubbers on my 1985 XJ-SC Cabriolet replaced, and have written an article about it :

        XJ-SC Cabriolet rear side window rubber replacement

        I’ve included some photos to help illustrate what needed to be done.

        A pair of the new rubbers were used, that I’d had reverse engineered a while ago. While a number of these sets have been sold via the Club’s shops I’ve not actually received back any details of how our members completed the task.

        If anyone has any questions then please do ask here.


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        Peter Thomson

          Hi Laurence & all,

          Do you have any sets of the rear rubbers left? If not I would be keen to get them repeated if you can share the details. I am currently getting some of the Cabriolet soft top fixing bolts (the large pan head ones) made up and will have a few dozen spare that I can put through the shop if anyone is interested. Any from a breakers hard are normally well past their prime if you can get them out without chewing them up


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