Cabriolet Hard Top catch question

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      Douglas Hall


      I have a “new” rear hard top for my XJ-SC. I have never had one before. This came to me via a friend of a friend, who found it in an Oregon junkyard. My question is: the clamp in the attached photo is on the hardtop (one on each side). There appears to be a corresponding mate to it, that would attach to the “C” pillar along the rear edge of the quarter window. There is a screw hole for it, just below the softtop mounting bracket that will be removed. But, I don’t have this “mate” on either side. Does anyone have any of the clamps I am missing?

      I have the two little upholstered covers that cover the hardtop clamps.


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      Gerben Haringsma

      hi Doug,

      could not see the picture.?

      please keep us informed as i think that i have the same problem and was thinking of making the mate

      myself. is it correct to say that i would be mating thenn ?

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      Gerben Haringsma

      hi Doug,

      could anyone send a picture of the mate please ??

      would help a LOT.


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