1986 XJ-SC 3.6 Clutch Flexible Hose

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      Thomas Hasenstaub

      Does anyone know the correct part number (or cross reference) for the flexible clutch hose on a left hand drive XJ-SC 3.6 with the Getrag 5 speed manual? I ordered a hose using the part number in my parts catalog (CAC7876) but this was way too short and had smaller diameter fittings than the hose I took off my car. These cars are exceedingly rare in the US so local parts stores are of no use whatsoever.

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      Thomas Hasenstaub

      I was able to find the problem – the part I ordered had incorrectly cross referenced the Jaguar part number. Once I was able to find the original Jaguar part at Moss Classic Jaguar (which had only listed the part under the later 4.0 5 speed cars) I was good to go!

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      Richard Hartwell

      Hi Thomas

      I just purchased an 86 euro 3.6 coupe and will need that same hose since the clutch hydraulics are nonfunctional. I also have a 94 XJS 4.0 speed that will soon need that change too-thanks for the help!



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