Reply To: Welcome new Convertible member – Robert Dunham

Robert Dunham

Hi Laurence / all.

Thanks for the welcome. I first started with classic cars with a series 3 Land Rover which I rebuilt on a new chassis many  moons ago.  More recently I had a Triumph Stag which I owned for a few years selling that a couple of years ago and purchasing an older Range Rover. This I sold November last year with the intention of buying my XJS. I was very lucky as one came up for sale at the right money but the wrong time but the owner was very kind and with a deposit kept the car for me until I was ready in February.  Now here we are my convertible XJS in the garage with a few jobs to do to get ready for the coming show season. We have been members of our local classic car club the North Norfolk a Classic Vehicle  Club [NNCVC] We have been members of this club for quite a few years now attending local shows and run outs.

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