Reply To: Mullagh bog Jaguar XJS er turrys Ellan Vannin 2018

Jon Scales

Saturday, the intrepid adventurers awoke to beautiful sunshine in Ramsey, so hoods were taken down and cars prepared for the run across the mountain to the Pit Lane in Douglas. Unbeknownst to all Manannan’s Cloak was descending across the hills and the east of the island, with the arrival of some rain around the Goose Neck on the Mountain Course. The cars were holding tight behind the leader (me) to ensure bends were found and negotiated.

Photo 1372

Hoods were hurriedly replaced and the cars lined up.

Heading south, the Cloak continued to become thicker and all waved and and said hello to the fairies. Arriving at the Sound late morning for coffee and some nice cake, all cars aligned together. Not something the Isle of Man sees many of – 6 soft top xjs together.

Photo 1373

After light refreshments we headed to Port Erin, the Cloak starting to lift and parked along the Promenade by the beach.

Photo 1374

The group split to explore the delights of Port Erin (or should that be over dose on Ice Cream)

True to the islands natural favour for the West and North, we headed up to Peel, by the time we passed through Foxdale, the sun was shining and temperatures were improving. All were left to explore Peel on foot to see the delights of the the Castle, harbour and Marina.

Saturday evening saw the group meet up for a meal at the Ramsey Park Hotel, with 15 sitting down to eat and have a few drinks.