Reply To: Welcome new Convertible member – Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs

Hi Laurence

It was great meeting all the Jaguar enthusiasts on the Isle of Man!  My enthusiasm for Jaguars started in my youth when I saw my first E-Type and was cemented when my grandfather organised a tour of the Browns Lane factory in 1981 ( he used to work there before retiring.)  My Jaguar dream was first realised 10 years ago when I bought a XJ8, followed by an XK and now the XJS convertible.  I joined the JEC when I bought the XK.

I bought the XJS about 9 months ago in a very driveable condition but then decided to have her completely stripped down and restored, hence her arrival on the Isle of Man in May of this year.

I look forward to the next club outing!

Chris Hobbs