Guide : Folding your Cabriolet Roof down correctly

There is only one way to put the XJS Cabriolet roof up – it is either up or it isn’t and is pretty obvious if you’ve got it wrong – mainly because it will come back down again or everything inside the car will get wet when it rains.

However, things are different when it comes to putting your Cabriolet’s roof down.  It can, and will, go down in two completely different ways – and likely most of the time you would get away with selecting the incorrect way.  However, when the time comes to fit your roof cover you’ll discover that if you’ve put your roof down the incorrect way the cover just won’t fit on properly.

Incorrect method

The incorrect method is to fold the rear roof down with the catch visible

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Article Published : 5th January 2017
Article written by : Laurence Jones