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      John Bleasdale

        Many years ago once the Data Base had been completed and approved. It was decided that certain information could and should be recorded separate to the Data Base

        i.e. Tony O’Keeffe (who worked on the production line at the time the Cabriolets were being built) suggested that someday someone may ask how many Red cars were there ? How many were built in 1984? I spent many hours checking & double checking ensuring that at the end of the day it was always 5013 in the total box. Once completed these were approved by JDHT and have been in use ever since,

        Recently I decided to convert the “DOCS” to “JPG’s” and I’ll post them here for you all to see.

        Photo 908

        Photo 907

        Photo 909


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        Laurence Jones

          Thanks John, Very useful and interesting


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            Most invaluable data. So my 3.6M RHD cab is one of just 563 RHD rather than the 1042 total produced manuals that I normally quote and was aware of..
            I’ve now also got a screen shot to retain, great..

            Thanks Bleasie,
            NB would it be worth having a section on the website with all this super definitive production data.

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              John Bleasdale

                Hi Robin
                Thats nothing to do with me–
                How far do you go yours is 1 of 219 / 1 of 12 3.6 / 1 of 7 RHD in Dorchester

                All I have to do is manipulate the Spread sheet using filters & I can come up with whatever,
                But is it worth it take a look at the top of the page
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                So mine is just ‘One of Seven’ clone cars in Dorchester but as you say where do you stop!

                One thing I was meaning to ask was you have all the production figures but what about the scrapped cars? Even now I see several cabriolets that are being broken – still at an alarming rate given future scarcity. Over the last twenty years there have been so many on eBay being broken for parts that the original 5013 must be significantly less. Certainly if one looks on the DVLA data website ‘how many left’ (think that’s what it’s called from memory) there are significantly less XJS-C’s taxed or SORN in UK now.

                I’m sure over time many owners would be interested in the production data at the top but I think if not replied to will drop out of obvious sight but maybe Laurence can add data as a ‘Technical’ section page so it is not lost in old pages..

                kind regards, Robin Rainsley

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                  John Bleasdale

                    Hi Robin What do you mean by Clone Cars ?
                    Of course I have no idea how many get scrapped nor do I get to know who gets rid of theirs.
                    A few weeks ago I spent a few days Checking all know Reg Numbers against the DVLA to get a rough idea of how many were TAXED & SORN I came up with 270 SORN and; 200 Taxed. Of course people change Reg number to & from PRIVATE & I don’t get to know so there could be even more. What I have noticed is the number now showing SORN has increased dramatically since it became compulsary.
                    Having been asked, since posting the “Production Figures” doc/Photo How many were UK I thought I had better update it so here is the first publication & you can take a screen shot I also included UK located.

                    Photo 941

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                    Hi John Bleasdale ,

                    By the seven clones I mean technically there are 7 RHD 3.6Man cabriolet cars in Dorchester Grey; 6 plus mine.

                    My thinking was that you have a marvellous record of all the cars built but at another level we don’t know how many actually still exist!

                    I wasn’t sure if there was any contact at DVLA who could provide scrappage detail as for many years you have had to complete a declaration or you would get reminders/SORN for that car forever more. I suppose wishful thinking that DVLA would have such details and provide to car clubs.
                    Just that as a regular eBay user I have seen so many XJS-C being broken over the years I know of at least 50 must have been scrapped in UK over last 20 years and it could be vastly more. Even today there are cars being scrapped even though most people will recognise that values are now increasing rapidly in the shadow of E-type mania.

                    If I had the space I would put away a few cabriolets for my kids inheritance as it can’t be long now before the market jumps. The Xk8/XKR X100’s are certainly appreciating now but could the XJS get overlooked, I doubt it as owning both an XKR and the XJS there is still a special magic in the XJS that the XKR lacks despite its beauty and performance.

                    470 taxed and SORN XJS-C in UK is a good guide and about half your ‘located’ number in database – could that be almost all that are left?

                    Anyway enough rambling, I must get back to work on my XJS.

                    Regards, Robin

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                    Trevor Kent

                      Thank you Bleasie for all your much appreciated work over the years. Your figures enabled me to show off over the tannoy on the start line at Kop Hill recently how rare a RHD 3.6 auto XJ-SC is before flooring the pedal!


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                      Laurence Jones

                        Thought I’d bring this topic to the attention of latest members

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                        Great article John

                        Intresting  to read that only 209  RHD were made in 1987 of which 66 were tungsten

                        38  cars came to NZ however  only one of them was tungsten  which is the car i own

                        another piece of the puzzle solved



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