Wind deflector for XJS Convertible

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      Laurence Jones

      In response to an Enquiry about an hour ago from our new Converible member, Bob Flint, we’ve just nipped out and put the roof down on our Converible to take these photos

      Photo 561

      It easily folds flat too to give improved rear visibility when wanted (usually when roof is up)

      Photo 562

      We then decided to undertake a controlled experiment – 30mph with deflector down, then same 30mph with it up

      Photo 563

      Photo 564

      Thanks to Christina for agreeing to be subjected to having her hair messed up (on our way out for tea too)


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      Bob Flint

      Thanks for all your trouble ,I have place a order in so hope to get it soon, very helpfull, But would not expect anything else from a fellow Jaguar owner LOL,

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      Gerben Haringsma

      actualy,i prefer the first picture.Christina looking WILD.

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