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      Laurence Jones

        Welcome Malcolm,

        Hope you find the site interesting and feel free to participate in any new or past discussion topics.

        If you could reply to this topic and tell us a little about your Cabriolet, and even something about your enthusiasm and interest in them.

        You have two Photo Albums created for you on this site, it would be great if you could add a photo or two of your Cabriolet for all members to see.


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        Malcolm Wyatt

          Hello, purchased my XJS V12 back in Jan 2017. Really liked the shape of it with its Targa roof, have re-newed front brakes, new discs and total rebuild of calipers, love to be able to repair things rather than just fit new parts.
          The car has 48,000 miles with full service history. Was serviced last Jan 1999. Brought back from garage and car run out of petrol. Was parked up and not touched til I bought it Jan 2017.
          Car has some rust issues which I am now addressing, sills and rear arches.
          Engine started all ok after 18 years of non-use.
          Need to get rear axle and cradle out for brakes and general repaint.
          Would have loved to have bought car in 1999, bet it was immaculate back then. Malc.

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            John Bleasdale

              Hi Malcolm
              Looks as though you have got your work cut out I spotted it when it was up for sale & the Data Base indicated that the Tax ran out in April 2002 so I assumed it had either gone abroad or been scrapped. From one of the photos )which I would post if were not so difficult) looks as though the front wheel has sunk well and truly how long had it stood in the field?

              Photo 726

              Photo 727

              Photo 728

              Photo 729

              I understand it’s a one previous owner.
              Cabriolet Register.

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                Malcolm Wyatt

                  Hello Bleasie the photos you listed are of the eBay details of which I purchased the car, looked a lot better in the pics than it really was. Car was sunk in the mud of the field of where it was parked. Took a lot of pull from my Nissan Navara to pull it out. Tyres flat and perished and brakes all seized up.
                  Really not economical to repair, but I love a challenge. Have been doing quite a lot to it and it’s beginning to show rewards. I love the look of the car, at present have sourced new back valence, two sill ends and new panels for the radius arms area, so will be welding for quite a few evenings.
                  Car is a one owner, with 48,000 genuine miles, complete service history was supplied with car.
                  Tax on the car ran out in 1999, so I assumed the car was parked up then, been sat thier for 18 years. The Old Gent that owned it said it ran out of petrol, and he never got round to putting any in.

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              Laurence Jones

                Hi Malcolm,

                Here is the photo you uploaded

                Photo 724

                I’m breaking a 1984 cabriolet – let me know if there are any bits you need and if they’re still on the car then maybe I can be of some help Breaking Cabriolet


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