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      Laurence Jones

        Welcome John Prentice

        I see that you recently activated your membership and logged in. I hope you find the site interesting and feel free to participate in any new or past discussion topics.

        If you could reply to this topic and tell us a little about your Cabriolet, and even something about your enthusiasm and interest in them.

        You have two Photo Albums created for you on this site, it would be great if you could add a photo or two of your Cabriolet for all members to see.


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        John Prentice

          Thank you for allowing me to join this group. I bought my XJ-SC eleven years ago as my first car. I paid $4,500 dollars for it (my life’s savings at the time), drove it to high school and five months later a fuel injection hose burst and it went on fire.

          My father and his mechanic friends declared it a total loss but I wanted to fix it. I told him I only had two opportunities in my life to take on a foolish task like this, right now when I was young and stupid or when I retired. And, i didn’t want to wait.

          I knew very little about working on cars and didn’t have much money for parts but, I found a very tired rust-ridden XJ-S coupe to use for spares and set to work.

          Over the past eleven years, I’ve replaced the entire wiring harness, interior, every hose and wire in the engine bay, head gaskets, rear main seal, crankshaft bearings, re-upholstered the top/hood and targa panels, and even done some minor body work.

          I’ve made improvements along the way too. Like installing a Wilton wool headliner, fabricating custom air intakes for the 5.3L V12 and fitting the car with period correct-ish BBS aftermarket wheels.

          This car has taught me many valuable lessons about auto mechanics, patience and perseverance.

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            John Bleasdale

              Hi John

              I remember you wanting to join The XJ-SC Register Facebook group & I asked for your Vin you told me all the markings had been removed. I remember yo did have your engine number 8S51252, so according to me it should be VIN 141229.

              Do you have some photographs of your car ?


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                Laurence Jones

                  Hi John Bleasdale – the details John has completed about his car does indeed state VIN 141229, so I guess it is the car you thought it was.

                  Photo 889


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              Laurence Jones

                Gosh John Prentice that is one long story you’ve shared with us – thanks.

                That is quite a challenge, not something most folk would undertake – well done you.

                Have you kept a record of each stage and photos along the way – I for one would be really interested in hearing it. If we can’t do it ourselves it’s the next nearest thing to enjoy hearing how someone else has – the most I’ve undertaken in recent years is to swap complete interiors from one XJS coupe to another.

                Thanks for joining us


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