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        Hello Laurence

        Excuse me for a few moments whilst I have a minor winge!

        Is there a way that all these ‘welcome messages’ do not show up in the Discussions area.
        I understand why you welcome new people but my Discussions ‘in box’ is obscured with loads of these messages. I genuinely can’t see the proper topics..
        Is it possible for them to show up only when recipient replies or even have a newbie welcome section that’s separate.

        I appreciate you want to show everyone what a thriving club it is but it’s a real pain as a user as most just contain std welcome gretting – I’ve given up even looking

        Maybe others have a different view but it’s not improving my user experience!

        Kind regards, Robin

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        John Bleasdale

          Hi Robin
          I have to agree but more to my amazement no body seems to bother to reply which makes me wonder if people are getting what looks to be an automated message from Laurence. So perhaps as you say could they be segregated,


          PS let me know if you get this reply

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          Laurence Jones

            Hi Robin and John

            I think that due to some many new members joining recently it has made this issue more apparent. I can indeed set up a forum specifically for the welcome messages, and I think (note think) there might be away to present two views :-

            1/ All the discussions from all the various Forums, including the welcome forum

            2/ All the discussions from all the various Forums, but not including the welcome forum.

            You may have both noticed that I’ve amended the menu bar today to provide a drop down of the different discussion forums. This was as part of the move to make the site more friendly to use on a mobile phone or tablet, but I believe I can take the development further to make the whole site experience better (including what’s discussed above).

            Thank for the discussion Robin, I’ll work on this over the weekend.

            John, the point you make about non reply is valid, though occurs across many forums and multi-media platforms including Facebook. We’ll have to see whether the situation improves once I’ve undertaken the rework.



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              Hi Laurence Jones and John Bleasdale

              Thanks for looking at and sorting this Laurence – it’s maybe not a mega problem but just yesterday I was getting lost in those Welcome messages!

              Regards, Robin

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                Laurence Jones

                  It does seem we’ve been having a lot of new members join recently – which is good news 🙂


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                Laurence Jones

                  Hi Robin and John

                  I have just this minute launched the revamp of the Forums for all members. There is a new navigation route via the Discussions option on the main menu bar. This has the following features :

                  1/ Just click on the Discussions button and you are taken to the list of all discussions (topics/replies) that have been posted on our Club website

                  2/ Hover over the Discussions button and you see a drop down list
                  ==> Top 10 Most Recent Discussions
                  ==> All discussion topics (same as just clicking on the Discussions button
                  ==> Then the specific Discussion forums – enabling you to focus on just Technical discussions

                  I’ve standardised these views for all logged in Club Members.


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