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      John Bleasdale

      Hi Gang
      Most Cabriolet’s have that elusive number that is not recorded anywhere in the Archives at JDHT.
      I was told many years ago that it was the Body Number. But as we all know that starts either 5Y00 or 5V00 and is well hidden under the rear bumper. It does not relate to the number off the Line.
      So what is it / was it for. Have you worked out which number I mean? I bet most of you have never seen it.
      When I ask most Owners they say there isn’t one, then a few days later oh I have found it.
      Yes that’s the one in the rain gutter of the Boot / Trunk. Left hand side Fwd of rear lights.
      I was told by a man who worked on the production line at the time, now Curator of Vehicles JDHT (can’t remember his name, Lots of E’s & F’s) that there was a little man who looked After the body shells & that he stamped them, and it was his way of stock taking. ???????
      So if you can locate it. Please get in touch or if you have another version Of why it’s there feel free.

      Photo 431


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      Stig Moltu-Jacobsen

      Hi Laurence!

      I first didn’t think my car had the elusive number, but after a thorough check I found three digits, i.e. 620, barely visible under the new resto paint from 2013. I’ve tried to take several photos as proof, but none of them are convincing. Unless later photography will give better photos, you’ll just have to take my word for it, or better yet come to Spain to see for yourselves 🙂

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      John Bleasdale

      Thanks Stig.
      How long has it taken you to find that out.
      I have just discovered that Stephen Tebben USA & Braham Lieberman Australia have consecutive boot numbers.
      Braham #1794 build date 15/10/1985 Car number 1113
      Stephen #1795 build date 19/03/1986 Car number 1802
      almost 5 months later and 689 Cabriolets separates them so you can see how erratic the marking was.
      Steve’s other one is #2351 Build date 23/06/1986
      Of the Cabriolets we have located 1,836 we only have 265 here is a reminder of where it is located

      Photo 431

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      Thomas Hasenstaub

      Dear Bleasie,
      The elusive number on my cabriolet is 1143. It is an 86 3.6 5-speed (vin 126155), one of the few “gray market” 3.6 cabriolets that made it to the United States. Please let me know if you need any other info.
      Thanks, Tom

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        John Bleasdale

        Hi Thomas many thanks I have had your Cabriolet on the Data Base for many years 2011 I believe June 15th, You must have at some time supplied your boot number I had not spotted until to day it’s a German spec car Must check & see if I have any more 3.6 cars in USA.I have you listed as living in Bellevue Nebraska, perviously Eau Caire Wisconsin,

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      Trevor Kent

      Eureka, having poured over my nearside boot gutter 4455 is revealed for my 1987 XJ-SC RHD 3.6 Auto. Bleasie will be ecstatic! Trevor Kent

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      Jon Scales

      Not sure whether Dad managed to locate the number for his cabriolet. I am getting the car next week so will have a look


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      John Bleasdale

      Cheers John no Albert never did get round to supplying it suspect it will be around 4000

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      Ian Mitchell

      Hi Bleasie,
      Mine looks to have 5036 stamped in it (hard to tell as the paint has filled in a lot of the first and third digits).
      Cheers, Ian (VIN 147465)

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        John Bleasdale

        Hi Ian that looks pretty realistic nearest to your #5062 and #5047
        Many thanks

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      Jon Scales

      Mine looks like 4063

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      Mark Thorley

      Mine is 1730 🙂

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      Laurence Jones

      A couple of Hidden numbers for you John

      VIN 122590 – 456

      VIN 140236 – 3751

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        John Bleasdale

        Cheers Laurence Both from Richard Marsh’s cars if my records are still up to date.

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          Laurence Jones

          Your records are still correct.


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      Michael Hampton

      Hi Gang
      Responding to the Elusive number game
      my XJS Cabby in metallic red with reg number E739NVT and vin as per photo has the number 4151 on the nearside of the boot gutter
      Regards Mike Hampton (of Aldwick Bognor Regis – not many Cabby owners south of us in UK!)

      PS I tried copying in from WORD two photos of the 4151 and the VIN but it did not want to accept the photos from a WORD document. I have no idea howto include those so take my word the VIN is SAJJNACC7CA142922

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      Evert Mos

      My car, has 1770 as a lucky number:
      VIN = 131892
      Body = 5V 2103
      And there’s another number, on the opposite side of the Body number: 2JB27D 0413021
      Any ideas?

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        John Bleasdale

        Hi Evert
        The number on the left hand side is know as the Castle Bromwich Body number again not listed
        Thanks for supplying your boot number ( Body Shell Number )

        Cheers Bleasie.

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      hi bleasie

      got a weird one for you

      my 3.6 cabby has the boot gutter number 1451

      however the 4 has been overstamped with a 2

      therefore it could be 1251

      does this make it worth millions like a misshapen penny black or just a typo from the bodywork man

      cheers eddie

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      John Bleasdale

      Hi Eddie 1251 looks to be correct as 1287—1230 are pretty close to you
      Sorry not worth any more
      Regards Bleasie.

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      i was hoping for a lottery win with the typo but never mind

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      David Wardale

      I was out in the cold garage a while ago, and found the magic number. Clearly stamped- 3888.
      Regards, Dave W.

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        John Bleasdale

        Thanks Dave much appreciate.

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      Martin Ball

      My 85 XJSC Australian delivered V12’s number is 1252 SAJJNACY3CC126830. One off Eddie Panton’s 1251. Is there a pattern here? Regards Martin

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      Craig Drust

      Hi my elusive no =

      Photo 1603

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      Danny Karch

      Hi Bleasie,
      Mine has 2616 stamped in it, VIN 134597. Unfortunately I can’t add a picture.



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      David Troughton

      I have an early cabriolet, registered in August 1984. This number is 382.


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      Steve Moore


      My Elusive number is 4601 stamped into the left rear drain trough.  The plate under the rear bumper is 5Y 4365.   Should they be the same?

      Thank you,

      Steve Moore

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      Russ Cramer

      Hi Everyone

      The number stamped in the gutter of my boot is #2283, I’d be interested to learn where that dates my Jaguar XJS-C in the production schedule?  I thought it was either a late 1985 or an early 1986?  I’ be interested to learn where it fits.

      Best to all,

      Russ Cramer

      Pocono Manor, PA (USA)


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        Ian Mitchell

        Hi Russ,

        You can get a Production Record Trace Certificate from the Jaguar Heritage Trust (about AUD100.00 from memory). You can also get a rough idea at A previous owner may have logged your car in their database, or you could browse a VIN range to check details for cars either side of your VIN. Warning – the browse functionality can be inconsistent.

        Cheers, Ian.

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      Brian Parsons

      Just joined and of course have completed the cabriolet game known  as find the number

      And it is ……………..    750       She is a 1985 V12 cabrilolet  vin …..123499

      I have owned her sinnce 1990 although she has been dry stored for 20 plus years



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      Dean Sheppard

      Hi There,

      I have 2 of these cars:

      1986 Cabriolet with secret code of 2301

      1987 Cabriolet with secret code 2626

      Details for each car are stored in my profile. I hope that helps!


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        Laurence Jones

        Thanks Dean, I’ll make sure we’ve got those details recorded on the Cabriolet Register.


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      Hi my boot gutter number is 4487  Vin number 144679  Don..

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