Soft top cleaning and treatment

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      Jyrki Kulmala

        Hi, all

        I wonder if somebody knows good procedure and detergents for cleaning and treatment of soft top.

        Br. Jyrki Kulmala

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          Hello, there are many forums/sites that cover vehicle detailing (it’s an industry in itself now!) and soft tops in more detail than I can so I won’t restate at this time but have a look at a company called ‘Renovo’ who have been around awhile now.
          I have used their soft top cleaner and dye with good success in the past. Works on targa panels too.
          Their web site is helpful and details processes for soft top cleaning and preservation. I have only used ‘black’ version (kit of cleaner/proofer/dye) so cannot endorse their other products or newer interior products.
          Looks bit costly on their web site – £63 for a full kit but often seen better offers in magazines etc. Think mine was <£40 but good few years ago! Expect maybe better pricing on eBay/amazon..

          Alternatively you cannot go far wrong with Autoglym products, fair price & consistently good IMHO.


          Let us know how you get on and what product you try.

          Regards, Robin U.K.

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          John Bleasdale

            Hi there Jyrki
            For many years I tried dozens of products including the Jaguar one which eventually they took off the market.
            Since then I found the perfect one it’s From Auto Glym its a twin pack one Cleaner one water proof PLEASE follow the instructions to the letter. What I found best was to use cling film instead of plastic sheet.


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            Chris Leeson

              Hello jyrki,
              I have used the renovo product for the soft top for the past six years, not the cheapest but gives me the result I am looking for. I use a good quality car wash liquid to wash the top and allow the top to dry. Remove the targas and fold down the hood then wash down the roll bar and channels and dry. I then apply the colour mine being the blue to the to the bars and channels and allow to dry. I coat the targas away from the car, reset the hood and sheet up the body of the car to protect paintwork, and colour the hood. Using the same method I apply two coats of the protective sealer allowing to dry between applications. I colour every two years and seal every year. I will also cover the interior of the car to avoid splashes on the leather, mop up any drips or runs that run down the channels particularly the colour dye. I find this keeps the car looking in top condition and if it gets wet going to shows it will just mop up.
              Have fun,
              Chris Leeson.

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              Jyrki Kulmala

                Hi, all

                Many thanks for information.
                Now I can prepare my Jag to be ready when snow has been smelt down…

                Br. Jyrki

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