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      Laurence Jones

      Hi All,

      I’ve been working on a site shop for our website and development is nearly complete 🙂

      The site shop will allow members obtain appropriate site promotion/souvenirs – items such as mugs and car stickers.

      I’m also intending to include various XJS parts and other items of interest to XJS owners.

      The online shop would meet its own overheads, and anything over will go towards the ongoing cost of hosting this website and the licences for the specialist sub-applications contained within it.


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      Bob Flint

      Nice one Laurence

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      Gerben Haringsma

      the mugs will do it !
      shards bring good fortune ,is a Dutch saying.

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      Laurence Jones

      It’s the thought that counts Gerben 🙂

      Site Shop has now been launched – please take a look


Viewing 3 reply threads
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