rear window rubbers xj-sc

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      Gerben Haringsma

      Can anyone enlighten me on the part number for the little triangle window rubbers on the xj-sc ?
      thanks Gerben

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      John Bleasdale

      Hi Gerben
      Afraid these rear quarter light seals have not been available for almost 20 years
      Many years ago I tried with Jaguar Classic Parts to get these reproduced but the cost made them prohibitive.

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      Gerben Haringsma

      thanks Bleasy.
      not easy to find alternative !
      rgds Gerben

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Gerben,

      If you can hang on a few weeks it might be worth taking a look at what I’m hoping to introduce as stock in the Site Shop I’ve just launched.


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      Laurence Jones

      Hi All,

      I have placed the order to have these window rubbers remanufactured, and hope to have thme available in the iste shop by the end of August 2017.

      Please click on the product in the SITE SHOP where you can go on the notification list.



      P.S. If there is sufficient interest I will look to get the Targa rubbers reengineered too – so let me know if this is of interest.

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      Hi, not sure if Gerben’s original enquiry was actually for the front quarter-lights – BD44773 – same both sides and identical to coupe – £27.15 plus vat available from Jaguar currently or the rear quarter window seals.
      The rear windows aren’t exactly little triangles?

      Laurence, Good news about re-manufacturing the rear window rubber seals (BAC7743 & BAC7742) anyway and assuming pricing is sensible you can reserve a pair for myself.

      I assume re-manufactured Targa seal would be the main BBC6664 rather than rear one which is BCC1001 – again I’d be interested but not desperate. They were over £100 plus vat twenty years back which is why I didn’t replace it then!

      Sorry to talk part numbers but it is necessary for clarity.

      Thanks for taking the initative on part re-manufacturing it’s a really important development in the club.

      Regards, Robin

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      Mark Thorley

      Yes, great news for the Club and its members and the long term upkeep of our wonderful soft tops, well done Laurence ?
      Ps, please let me know what the targa rubbers are likely to cost too when you have more idea

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      Laurence Jones

      Ah, good point Woodsmoke ( @woodsmoke ), I wonder now if Gerben Haringsma ( @gerbenharingsma ) meant the front or rear ones.

      The front quarter light rubber on my Cabriolet needs replacing, so you say they’re the same part number both side.


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      Yes, just the one part number BD44773,in my Jaguar parts manual – says quantity 2 against it..
      To be sure just put part number into Jag classic Parts web and should confirm item, qty and price..


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