rear deck / locker parts wanted

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      Paul Forse

      Does anyone have the rear cupboards , locks ,  chrome bar ? I am looking for the side rear interenal qaurter trim panels

      I am reverting the car from a 2 = 2 back to factory spec

      color not important

      Thanks in advance Paul 07888762068

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      Stephen J. Niznik

      Are you looking for the convertible or XJ-SC storage compartment ? I have the compartment from a convertible. I bought it for my 88 XJ-S coupe but have decided to go in another direction for the rear seat delete.


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      John Bleasdale

      From what I remember Stephen the Convertible is one long locker box whereas the Cabriolet has two locker boxes
      as far as I an aware they will not fit a Cabriolet so they would be of no use to Paul.

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      Mark Thorley

      Paul, if you are still looking for this item, check out EBay item number 131951858909, there’s one for sale:-)

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      Mark Thorley

      Hi Paul are you still looking for the above parts or sorted now?

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      Chris Powell

      I too would like to replace rear seat conversion in 1989 Convertible with original locker/rattan carpet. Does any one in South East England have one at reasonable cost?

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Chris

      The convertible has a single locker box lid, while the cabriolet had two separate compartments/lids. I’ve found the cabriolet approach actually better in practice than the large single lid the convertible has.

      On eBay at the moment there is a cabriolet locker box for sale – 323623429920 – which could possibly be fitted to your convertible (I’ve not got both the convertible and cabriolet stored near each other so can’t actually check this myself).


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      Chris Powell

      Thanks but would like to stick with original. Stupidly 20 years ago when it was converted I didn’t ask for the locker back

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