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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Bleasie,

      I have been searching back through the old website’s data and have come across Robert’s details, along with the VIN 125607.

      Robert never actually joined ICR website, however I’ve set him up on this site and will be inviting him to join.

      I will keep you informed if I am able to make any contact with him.


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      Bryan Thomas

      Hi Laurence according to our records Vin 125607 is not a cabriolet nearest is Vin 125606

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      John Bleasdale

      Hi Laurence Did you not check 125607 against the Spread sheet I supplied you with or is it not working ?
      As the first Convertible is 140952 April 1987 it must be a Coupe OR an after market conversion of some sort.

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      Laurence Jones

      Yes I did check the spreadsheet John 🙂

      All I can report, until the member actually logs in, is that they have registered details that say its a Cabriolet with that VIN Number. They may never make contact again, but if they do then I’d be interested to discover details about it even if it wasn’t a Jaguar built Cabriolet (which is what the ICR is for).

      Let’s wait and see


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