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      John Bleasdale

        Are there any plans for the future to include adding notification as we had on the old site OR am I missing something
        and it’s already in here hiding.

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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Bleasie,

          That’s a very good question, and one I think I have an answer for.

          The website does have the capability to send out notifications, but for the moment I have it turned off.

          I did have it turned on while I was working on developing the site, and inadvertently sent an email out to a few dozen members while I was doing some testing 🙁

          Now the site is live, and folk are actively joining in the various discussion forums I guess it would likely be a good time to turn notifications on. When I get time I will do some testing of this facility to see what is and what isn’t possible – it would be nice if it could be configured so it didn’t send out an email every time someone posted a reply maybe – I think the members and my website hosting company wouldn’t thank me for sending out 10 emails a day to 300 – 400 folk around the world.

          It might take me a week or two to sort out, so please bear with me – in the meantime I’m happy to take suggestions and feedback from our members (probably based on their experiences with other forums/websites).

          Thanks for the question,


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          John Bleasdale

            Yes I remember there was sneak preview another reason it made me ask the question.
            It’s a bit of a pain keep having to go look just to see any thing has been posted.
            I suspect it will be a while before it gets to 400 but as you said in the E mail
            Pretty good for one week Not only have you gained some new members the Data Base has gained three new Cabriolets Which brings the total to 11 new finds this year.

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