Help with a problem gap between hood and side window on XJ-SC Cabriolet

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      Peter Maher


        I was wondering if anyone could help me please.

        The issue I have is that when the rear hood fold down section is in its closed position, you can slide your hand between the rear window at the rear end and the roof , the roof is in great condition but I is think there is a tension cable missing or something similar as I have the problem on both sides. It’s a bit annoying as its not air tight when driving and have a lot of road noise and obviously it lets in the cold which isn’t very pleasant at this time of the year. I have struggled over here to sort this as this model is so rare over here in Ireland, and none of the convertible specialists I have contacted have been able to help.

        I was wondering is there any direction you could point me in, I don’t think fitting the cables or whatever is required to keep the roof sealed to the rear window would be a problem, I just need to get the parts required.

        I would really appreciate any advice or help you might be able to offer.

        Many Thanks


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          Hi Peter,
          Can you send photos as I have a cabriolet and cannot relate any cables to the rear hood. If there is a gap there must be some distortion in the frame. I did have one corner standing slightly proud to the rest of the roof and I had to bend the end of the frame to sort it. It could also be a problem with the locking latch.

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          John Bleasdale

            Hi Peter
            I too have no idea as to what you refer certainly no cables have you got all the press studs fastened?


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            Laurence Jones

              Hi Peter

              It would be good if you could let us see some photos – if you can’t load them up then just email them to me Membership@xjs………

              I am not aware of any cables in the Cabriolet hood – the XJS Convertible yes, but not the Cabriolet’s. When the top of the hood is engaged properly with the T-Bar and fully clicked home then both sides should be tight to the rubber seals along the frame that retains the rear side windows.

              If this isn’t happening then possibly the caterlever assembly may be assembled incorrectly – just a guess.

              I’ve taken a couple of photos.

              Photo 1097

              This white piece should sit firmly against the window frame of the rear side windows.

              Photo 1098

              This shows the catch, either side of the car, that the bar at the top of the hood should engage with. If you don’t have these slotted in on each side I doubt you’d be able to get the top of the hood to engage with the two targa catches, so I’m guessing you’ve not got a problem here.

              Photo 1090

              Bit difficult to see in this photo, but this is what it should like within the car when the hood is fully closed and locked in place. No gap here between the hood itself and the window frame of the rear side window.

              Anyone, as Alan said, please let us have a couple of photos and we’ll try and help


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              Peter Maher

                Hi Laurence
                Thankyou very much for getting back to me , i will take some photos tomorrow and upload them,
                I showed you the car to a cabriolet specialist overhere and he assumed some kind of tension cables where required to make the rear hood the air tight to the rear window ,i dont think he has worked any xjs’s in recent times and this was purely a logical guess, i will certainly examine this in greater detail tomorrow evening and your pictures will certainly help i think the white
                Plastic pieces might be missing
                But the photos will confirm all ,
                The hood is closing on the catch
                Perfectly ans nothing appears to be out of shape or line .
                Can i thank of the guys for there comments it will surely get me closer to resolving the problem.

                Many Thanks Laurence much appreciated


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                  Photo 1099

                  Just thought I would download this from the manual. Hope you can read it.

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