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        Hello guys, I’ve been told that over time by servicing my 3.6 cab without using flushing oil, I can end up with slush/gunge in the bottom of my sump. Is this correct? If so, what is the procedure when using flushing oil? How much is used etc Is it recommended at every service? Is the large brass nut at the front of the sump the actual sump plug? Thanks in advance, David, Merseyside.

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        John Bleasdale

          Hi Dave
          I thought flushing oil went out with the ARK certainly I have never used it since the 60’s.
          Regular oil changes are all thats required,
          But to answer your question way back when flushing oil was used we just drained off the existing oil topped up with flushing oil ran it until the oil was hot, drain fit new filter top up with correct engine oil.
          Would be interested to know if any one still does it.

          PS I must say if you don’t know what a sump plug is you should not be messing about with the the cars mechanics.

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