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      Roland Cassar

        Hi, I have a 1985 xj-sc and just had a respray. I want to put coach lines on it as it was originally, as I didn’t have before. Can any one post some images of the type of coach lines, wide or narrow, and in what colour they use to be. Thanks.

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        John Bleasdale

          Well as if by magic you are now on the list & was able to find you,I thought you were in MALTA.
          Any way if any one can help AS Roland said it’s a 1985 in Regent Grey Metallic (LDL 315) with Saville Grey (LDY) interior trim.
          By the way it’s Cassar.

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          John Bleasdale

            Hi Roland
            Here is a selection of Regent Grey Cabriolet’s so many different types of coach line. The thin Red are known as Sports Package.
            Knowing the owner of the last photo 405 and the car it is Ex Jaguar Cars and original.Try David Manners.he was selling re pros.the originals ran out around 25 years ago

            Photo 401

            Photo 402

            Photo 403

            Photo 406

            Photo 405

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              Photo 437

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                Hi Roland, Not seen any original coachlines at dealers but a few occasionally on eBay. The pic above of an eBay listing is for reproduction coachlines.
                The originals came in 8 sections and cost £250/300 many variations but mainly pre HE ( no side repeater indicators), pre 1986 were thicker stripes as per eBay listing above, 1986/87 were thinner and the Sportspack different again with colour combinations.
                My Jaguar Parts Catalouge is a later version – suits my 1987 car – so I can’t see your correct colour for a 1985 model.

                Have a look in your Parts Catalouge, right at front afterbody/trim combinations. If you don’t have a Jag Parts Catalouge buy one as best £30 you will spend, honest!!
                I’ll post a pic of the colour chart for later cars but doesn’t show your specific grey..

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                  For some reason can’t add a pic at moment but Bleasie’s picture of 70GXX will be the correct size stripe as in eBay listing, probably in a light grey but maybe someone with earlier Parts cat can reference colour for Regent Grey/Saville leather 1985 model..
                  Determine correct Pantone colour and then talk to the eBay seller as to feasibility..
                  Hey Presto coachlines in post!

                  If anyone has a set of thin stripes in Oyster or even Sportpack in Red/Quicksilver please give me a shout!


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                  Roland Cassar

                    Hi John, yes I am in Malta and its Cassar too. Hope you ate fine and doing well. Thank you all for your feed back. Will post images of it ready after the respray. Thanks again.

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                    Laurence Jones

                      Hi Roland,

                      It would definately be good to see photos of your car.

                      P.S. I’ve updated your profile as somehow the transfer from the old to the new also moved you to Morroco – mind you it also moved enmass our members living in South Africa to Saudia Arabia….

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                      Mark Thorley

                        Hi Cassar, i have a Jaguar Genuine parts catalogue covering 1975-1991 which lists the various Coach Lines. The correct ones are identified according to your engine size and last six digits of your VIN number. If you can provide these I would be happy to check which ones were originally listed for you

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