Cabriolet Launch Oct 1983

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      John Bleasdale

      I have recently received a never before seen photograph of a line up of Cabriolets taken in October at the launch of the XJ-SC. Having identified the Reg # of the first in the line I have been able to identify the rest from the date of first Reg ie Sept 1983. As the next off line cars were not Registered until after October. The third photograph is of the first Production Cabriolet and the first car in the line up.  The last one a hand drawn poster.

      Photo 1176



      Photo 1177



      Photo 1178



      Photo 1179



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      Laurence Jones

      Thanks John Bleasdale for sharing these.

      I do like the fact you’ve been able to identify the actual cars that were there at time – is it known where each of these cars are now ?


      P.S. I do like the hand drawn Cabriolet poster

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      Hi Laurence,

      it appears that comments have been removed from this topic, and if so why?

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Alan

      Split off from the Launch discussion (this one) to one of its own US market 3.6 Cabriolets that were converted from LHD to RHD


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