Reply To: Welcome messages..

Laurence Jones

    Hi Robin and John

    I think that due to some many new members joining recently it has made this issue more apparent. I can indeed set up a forum specifically for the welcome messages, and I think (note think) there might be away to present two views :-

    1/ All the discussions from all the various Forums, including the welcome forum

    2/ All the discussions from all the various Forums, but not including the welcome forum.

    You may have both noticed that I’ve amended the menu bar today to provide a drop down of the different discussion forums. This was as part of the move to make the site more friendly to use on a mobile phone or tablet, but I believe I can take the development further to make the whole site experience better (including what’s discussed above).

    Thank for the discussion Robin, I’ll work on this over the weekend.

    John, the point you make about non reply is valid, though occurs across many forums and multi-media platforms including Facebook. We’ll have to see whether the situation improves once I’ve undertaken the rework.