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leroy bullock

    Hi John ,

    I bought 113789 with the side exhaust as seen in the picture about 3 years ago. I’m afraid it wasn’t to my taste so it is back to standard now. I’m very surprised both my cars are Tickford built, the last owner did say that it might be 1 out of 130 built by Aston Martin Tickford from 1982-1985 for Jaguar cars.

    112162 was the 24th built, owned by Jag cars for 4 years and used as a press car.

    Thank you for the information on 112162 pre production factory prototype. I’m interested in any old photos or videos on the Jaguar stand at Earls Court in October 1983, if anyone has any information that will be great.

    The car is still extensively modified as described in your post. I’m in the process of getting the work started, I will keep you posted.