Reply To: XJ-SC Production Figures

John Bleasdale

    Hi Robin What do you mean by Clone Cars ?
    Of course I have no idea how many get scrapped nor do I get to know who gets rid of theirs.
    A few weeks ago I spent a few days Checking all know Reg Numbers against the DVLA to get a rough idea of how many were TAXED & SORN I came up with 270 SORN and; 200 Taxed. Of course people change Reg number to & from PRIVATE & I don’t get to know so there could be even more. What I have noticed is the number now showing SORN has increased dramatically since it became compulsary.
    Having been asked, since posting the “Production Figures” doc/Photo How many were UK I thought I had better update it so here is the first publication & you can take a screen shot I also included UK located.

    Photo 941