Reply To: New Cabriolet owner member joins the site – Greg Souter

John Bleasdale

    Hi Greg
    The information I have is the Cabriolet you own is one of two owned by Andrew Weinberg the other one being Vin 148332,
    Andrew Owns a company called Jaguar Specialties in Campbell California,& he sold it to Philip Nicholls in Australia.All this information was in the cars notes & Philip Nicholls name had not got added to Vin 144735 Now up dated I can tell you it’s number 4,424 of 5,013 built & built on 04/09/1987.
    So for the records RHD conversion & V12 Man 5 spd.
    Which Magazine was that I have the data on all 5013 cabriolets built, AH was it the Australian Jaguar Magazine by my mate Les?
    If so starting to make sense.