Reply To: Windscreen wipers – which side does yours park on ?

John Bleasdale

    Not much point doing that you can’t change LHD TO RHD & vice versa you need to get the correct wiper motor.
    Having had two cars my Ford Zodiac & my XK8 both parking to the right I can’t say it was ever a problem, especialy in the 19 years of owning my XK8
    Have you ever tried getting the unit out.I will see if I can find one owners report. Never mind it’s out there somewhere
    Have just been doing a search of earlier XJS’s that I created data bases for Jaguar the Pre He XJS ALL parked to the left
    as you look at the car irrespective of being LHD OR RHD.
    They were the ones you could get the conversion kit for i.e. RHD to LHD as production of the XJS was rocketing would be why they brought out a second unit.