Concluding the Journey of an Aussie 1990 Convertible – by member Shane Bowering

This is the conclusion of a two part article that has been written by Australian member Shane Bowering, of Red Tape Busters, about the journey his 1990 Jaguar 5.3l Convertible has taken.
Part 1 (found here) starts off from when the car was in Japan, it’s life with it’s famous owner, and how it passed into Shane’s possession.
Part 2 concludes the journey in Brisbane as the car is transformed in stages under Shane’s ownership.


To the Present – From Victoria to Brisbane at last


…..I then begrudgingly arranged to fly to Melbourne to pay for the car in July 2018 – kicking a few stones that I was paying a few thousand more than I really wanted to.
On arriving at the house I was confronted by a very sick owner who was on an oxygen tank and was struggling to walk and I finally got to meet Larry and his lovely wife. It was then that I was thankful that I had not squeezed him down further on price given how unwell he was. We sat down and had a chat over a coffee and it was clear that Larry loved this car and he was very sad that he couldn’t get the issues fixed and to get it on the road to enjoy it. I paid for the car – shook his hand and told him that I would bring this tired old beautiful Jag back to life. However at night it was difficult to see that it was a beautiful car. The fact that it was covered in a few inches of dust certainly didn’t help.

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Article Published : March 2022
Article written by : Shane Bowering