xjsc rear underbrace

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      Gerard Harings

        About 6 years ago i had to replace the handbrakepads on my xjsc 3.6 manual.  had to remove the brace and rear axel assemble  and part of the exaust ( you get handy over time can do it in  4 hours now whitout hasle)  i found out that the rear brace was kind off crude manufatured….wandet to blast and coat the thing and replace the steel  shims withe   aluminium shims ( lighter and more sweet for the  eye….)  but this would take a while , so i put everything together wihout the brace cose i wandet to drive and enjoy…..gues what….dit not make anny difference on roadholding….or stability….those lady’s are over sturdy…..altough ones a freind of mine had a xj-sc 87  12 cyl  amerecan spec. thad had no double sils and no double rear vallances…. ( was a restauration project) so jaguar  is measuring whit double standards ….early and late xjsc


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