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      Peter Thomson

        Greetings all
        I have just found, and had restored, a rear hardtop for my ’87 Cabriolet. Does anyone have any photographs/helpful tips for the fitting of it
        Thanks in advance

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        Laurence Jones

          Hello Peter – @PDT1966

          There are a number of members who do have the Hard Top so hopefully one or two will respond to your request for information.

          Do you know if you have all the necessary catches on the Hard Top itself, and the ones you need on the car – or is this some of the questions you have ?   I did have a hard top when I first had the car (but sold it on), and seem to recall you need to remove the soft top’s mechanism and replace it with a catch, but I stand to be corrected by someone who still has one.



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          Peter Thomson

            Thanks Laurence

            I was being dense. There are three threaded mounting holes in the rear pillar when you remove the soft top mounting bracket. The third (bottom one) had never been used and was still covered in headlining and had been filled with glue from the factory (one side not threaded in true BL style….) The catches on the hard top fix with one bolt on each side to this bottom threaded hole. My car is off having its IRS rebuilt but when it is back I will post a series of photos to show the procedure.

            If anyone knows what thread size these holes are (the same as the pan head soft top machine screws on the XJSC) it will make my life easier when I get my car back



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            Mitul Patel

              Hi Peter,

              I have a hard top which I have not yet fitted so would be very interested to see your photos showing how this is correctly fitted and where the two small cover pieces go.

              On a separate note, my car does not have the headlining trim over the rear pillar.  Is this a trimmed moulded piece similar to the cantrail, for example, or simply lining ‘stuck’ on the frame?

              Many thanks


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