Who has seen an XJ-SC with cloth interior??

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      Danny Karch

      Hello everybody,

      I have recently acquired a 1987 XJ-SC and have a question, does anyone has ever seen an Cabriolet with a cloth interior??
      On mine, both seats and console lid are in blue cloth. I have never ever seen an XJ-S or XJ-SC with a cloth interior.

      Is this a sort of a special order or……????
      Any input is appreciated.


      Photo 1661

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      Jon Scales

      The other Cab on the Isle of Man has a half leather, half cloth interior.


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      Danny Karch

      Wow, that’s interesting and I hope that mine is not the only one with an cloth interior. Still wondering how many cloth interior Cabriolets are out there, if any…..



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      lloyd roberts

      the only one I have seen in a ‘C’ i  hthnk is Princess Dianna’s cabriolet which I is held in the museum at Gaydon,

      it’s a sort of tweed,

      I have seen a number of hard tops with it, very different material form the picture.


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      My pre He has a cloth interior, it was an optional extra apparently. There was an Xjs-c that had been refurbed by a college for a course and that had a Burberry interior.

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