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      Laurence Jones

        Hello and welcome to the XJS Soft Tops website.

        Please feel free to reply to this Topic


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        robert mcgee

          Thank you Laurence for all the hard work you have been doing to keep a website open for the XJS-C.

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          lloyd roberts

            echoing Bob,
            thanks Laurence, very grateful to you and the guys who established the register to create and promote interest in these cars

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            Pierre-Andre Moore

              Merci Lloyd its nice of you to take care of this site.

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              Pierre-Andre Moore

                oups I ment Laurence

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                Laurence Jones

                  Thanks for your kind comments.

                  I’ve spent the last few days tweaking the website further, as more folk start using it and flagging up bits and pieces to me.


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                  Bryan Thomas

                    Thanks Laurence, Its nice to be back. Hope to see you at an event in the near future

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                      Hi Laurence, thanks for taking the time to set up the new site. I was never quite sure whether the icr was a dormant old site or not! A hangover of the original Cabriolet Register..

                      Now I know it’s real and maybe as a new user can I ask whether/how I can see where a ‘participant’ is i.e. Country or U.K. County maybe and what model xjs they have.

                      I ask as if your engine hesitation issue is on a V12 I have little input but if it’s a 3.6 then maybe I do..
                      Also not much point suggesting I could loan a spare ecu /throttle body to try if ‘participant’ is miles away or in USA..

                      I’m not good on forum use so maybe I just need to turn something on or click on a profile label I’ve not found!

                      Kind regards, Robin Rainsley – Cheltenham uk 3.6 manual cab.


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                      John Bleasdale

                        HI Woodstock Perhaps I can help The old JAGICR was started by me many years ago when NING made an offer I could not refuse I gave them an idea of what I wanted and for FREE JAGICR was up and running. After a period of time every one was informed that their Web Sites would have to be paid for monthly or annually for a reduced fee.At this point I looked for sponsorship which came from Growler Jaguar parts & Sturgess Jaguar. As time went on I became to ill to carry it on and as nothing had been happening I was not prepared to accept any more sponsorship money as we were not reciprocating. Having informed all members circa 200 that I was shutting it down, Laurence offered to take over at his own expense. The rest is history.

                        Afraid you need Laurence to answer the last part must say I agree it would be helpful as would notifications which I think Laurence has in hand.


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                        Kim Hayward

                          Hi Laurence. Well done for getting this site up and running. I hope you have got all you need on me and my car.

                          Kind regards


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                          John Bleasdale

                            Hi Kim just happen to know you are a Cabriolet owner and you joined the ICR on May 07, 2012 Strange I can’t find you on here on the list of Cabriolet owners, What’s happened Laurence.

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                            Laurence Jones

                              Hi Kim, welcome to the new site.

                              Sorry for the delay in setting up your Photo Albums and extending your membership to the Cabriolet Owner’s section, but I only do this once folk have actively logged into the site. Its part of the transition of membership over from the old site to the new one.

                              I hope you’ll find it worthwhile visiting the site regularly, and feel comfortable joining in the various Discussion Forums.


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