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      Laurence Jones

        Congratulations Richard on finding your way across from the old ICR website and joining us on the XJS Soft Tops website.

        You have two photo albums set up for you, one for any XJS Photos and one for any General photos.

        Please reply to this topic and let folk know how your Nimbus White Cabriolet is.


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          Thank you for the welcome,
          It took me some time because I have been in the process of getting the Jag in my name for awhile. My dad bought her in the early 2000’s, drove it for a few years and then was not able to maintain her. Unfortunately the car sat in the Arizona desert for over a decade. When i was finally able to take possession, a pack rat had moved into the engine bay, the soft top had given way to mother nature. As of today, I am waiting on an inspection of the car in order for me to title it in my name. I am still working on the process in which to attack, as of right now i am planning on pulling the engine out to i can assess, and replace and rebuild as needed and will move on from there.
          The list of obvious areas in need are:
          Wire harness,
          Fuel lines/tank,
          Brake Fluid Reservoir,
          Washer fluid reservoir,
          Rear end may need work,
          Paint/ body/ top,

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          Laurence Jones

            Sounds like a challenge, but not an impossible one (though the wire harness might take some doing).

            If a car had been left outside here in the UK for over a decade your list would be a lot longer, and the top of the list would likely be… complete bodywork rebuild with everything having rusted through in ever conceivable panel 🙁


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            Bryan Thomas

              Welcome back Richard sounds like you have quite a challenge please keep us all posted with your progress Kind regards Bryan Thomas

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              John Bleasdale

                Hi there Richard or do you prefer BIGWELD87 I remember you from the previous site could this be your Cabriolet?

                Photo 520
                Regards Bleasie.

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                  Yes sir, that’s the one. I have had trouble uploading pictures here unfortunately, but I will try again soon. Sad to say she is still in rough condition, however, I figure rough is better than flattened or hutted condition any day.
                  It looks like I may be forced to keep using the BigWeld87 name, I have not been able to change it at all.

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