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      Laurence Jones

        Welcome Peter,

        I hope you find the site interesting, please feel free to participate in any new or past discussion topics.

        If you could please reply to this topic and tell how you discovered the XJS Soft Tops website, and tell us a little about your Convertible, and even something about your enthusiasm and interest in them.

        You now have two Photo Albums created for you on this site, one for XJS Photos and one for just General Photos – it would be great if you could add a photo or two of your Convertible for all members to see.


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        Peter Mohr

          Thanks for the add. Leo Newbiggin referred this site on Jaguar Forums and here I am!

          My 1996 Convertible is my regular highway cruiser. Nothing special about it (other than its being and XJS).

          I also own a 1993 XJS and a 1976 XJ-S. But they are of the “other” body style. :-))


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          Laurence Jones

            Hi Peter,

            I guess you either like the XJS or not, and when you do some of us get the urge to have more than one (nothing wrong with that). There are several folks on this site, like myself, that have both a Convertibles or a Cabriolet and a Coupe (or various combination).


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