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      Laurence Jones

        Welcome Joshua

        Hope you find the site interesting and feel free to participate in any new or past discussion topics.

        If you could reply to this topic and tell us how you discovered our website, a little about your Cabriolet, and even something about your enthusiasm and interest in them.

        You have two Photo Albums created for you on this site, it would be great if you could add a photo or two of your Cabriolet for all members to see.


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        Joshua Lyons

          Hi I just purchased my car. It is black with magnolia interior. It is a V12. I am located in Mystic, CT USA It is my 4th Jag. Previous cars were a Mk 10 that was featured in the movie “Begin Again” and a 1994 XJ6 Vanden Plas. Currently have a 1961 Mk2 and now the Cabriolet. I will post some pics shortly. VIN ends with 141174.

          A few questions: 1) What is the little tab at the center of windshield frame that flips up and down- a wind diverter? 2) Were these cars manufactured by Jaguar or modified by a carriage builder like what BMW did with Baur (had one of those too)??

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          Laurence Jones

            Hi Joshua Lyons

            Do you mean this :

            Photo 894
            Photo 895
            Photo 896

            Yes it is an air deflector for when you have the Targa panel out and the rear hood down.

            The XJ-SC Cabriolet were built by Jaguar – there’s a brief article Here about them.



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