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      John Bleasdale

        You will have noticed that Vin 113871 has recently been added with the owner listed as Daniel Collins.
        This Cabriolet Reg # C 521 PPA is one of a rare group of 4 or 5 Guy Salmon Specials.
        Also the fact that is car number 70 of the 5,013 would indicate it was one of the Tickford built Cabriolets.
        It would be nice to know where it is & who is the current owner.
        Daniel Collins purchased it from a J A Byrne who had purchased it in 1989,
        It has been for sale several times, & owners I have listed are Daniel Collins, Craig Drust,who told me he had purchased it in Sept 2016 (via XJSDATA) — Janis Baines Burton, who put it out to auction then a David Bell popped up.
        The Daimler type Grille & the spoiler on the back are clues as to it being a Guy Salmon but we also know that these can be purchased & fitted to any Cabriolet which Bryan discovered at a Jaguar event some years ago. If any one has any information about Vin 113871 please post it.

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