Vacuum Line Split – Any idea what this is for?

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      Martin Ball

      Hi Everyone, replacing a washer bottle motor on my 85 XJSC I spotted a split in a vacuum line nearby as per the photos.

      Photo 1043
      Photo 1044

      The split is just above the white clip. When I open the split I get some hissing so it is still holding some vacuum. One end disappears into a hole below the washer bottle and the other into under the wiper grill. Before I start digging I was wondering if any one knew what this did. I had a thought that it may be related to the heater as a i have a lazy flap. Appreciate any ideas.

      Regards Martin

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      David Wardale

      Martin, you are correct. That vacuum line runs your HVAC unit. A little awkward to replace as you’ll have to stand on your head and remove some panelling under the dashboard to get to the line. (Unless you can splice it by the washer bottle!)

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      Martin Ball

      Thanks David, I’ve put some clamps on it for the time being. No clunk from the heater flap after one drive, fingers crossed. Regards Martin

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