The XJ-SC. By Bleasie.

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      John Bleasdale

        The motoring world had been waiting for some time for a new open – top Jaguar, when in October 1983.
        Jaguar released to universal acclaim the XJ-SC 3.6 CABRIOLET.
        The double-skinned hood aft, gives the car outstanding all weather versatility.
        either or both targa panels can be removed in seconds, for short journeys,
        or to make the most of fleeting sunshine alternatively, they can be left
        In position and the hood folded down.
        For me however the ultimate driving
        experience was with both targa panels removed & hood down.
        Wind noise & buffeting are kept to a minimum even at high cruising speeds –
        by the aerodynamic effect of the rear quarter windows.
        Powered by the then new twin overhead cam in line six engine and 5 speed
        Getrag manual gearbox.
        (I had to wait nearly two years until in July of 1985 along came the V12, and a further year until Grimsby Motors (Now long gone) could supply one in Cobalt Blue. I did not discover until many years later that at the time only 46 had been produced in that colour. With only 106 world wide, the last one being on the 16th May 1986.)
        There was soon a waiting list for this useful car, although slightly slower
        than the coupe because of the increased weight.
        With the introduction of the 3.6 automatic with ZF gear box in Feb 1987
        there were modifications designed to suit a more sport style driving.
        When I first started to collate data from the archives at Browns Lane,
        I could not understand why the early Cabriolet’s had in some cases
        a year between trim & completion date. I knew the early cars were done
        by Tickford.
        Then in December 2000 I read with interest Paul Skilleter’s article in Jaguar World
        evidently the build process was as follows, a standard XJS body in white minus
        roof and rear deck was taken from castlebromwich to park sheet metal at
        exhall for removal of the buttress, strengthening of the floor pan and the
        Martin Tickford at Bedworth where the top & Targa panels were fitted, & finally returned to Browns Lane for a check over and, finally despatched to the
        5,013 (from Vin 108026 26/06/82 to Vin 148594 26/01/88) rolled off the production line.

        Note as at todays date 13th Feb 2017
        I have located 1,828 of the 5,013

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