The International XJ-SC Register.(Formerly the Cabriolet Register)

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      John Bleasdale

        Well that’s what it was called in 1986 when I purchased Vin 128291. One of only three XJ-SC’s in Grimsby. After a couple of seasons attending Jaguar Club events I had a few names on some A4 sheets of paper & “Bleasies Beauties” appeared in one of the Jaguar Club Magazine every now and again. I knew that the Vins did not run consecutively, And was unaware of how many had been built (It transpired that neither did Jaguar Cars.) On the 27th June 1990 I approached Jaguar Cars asking if they could supply me with a list of Vins for Cabriolets & would it be possible for me to create a “Register” for same. On the 11th July I Rxd a letter from a Miss Jackie Llewellyn informing me there was no such list but a Mr Richard Chillingsworth had asked her to supply me with what information they had which included Total Number Built 4,993. The letter ended “ I hope this information will be of some use for Your Register. The Cabriolet Register had been born & with the approval of Jaguar Cars. The first offical Copy of the Register was passed to the then “Archivist” Ann Harris at “Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust” (on a floppy Disc) which was at that time housed in a Porta Cabin adjacent to the Main Block car park at Browns Lane. By November 1995 having several Members in such places as Illenois, Saint Joroiz, Kuwait, Sigapore , and other such countries I asked permission of Jaguar Cars to change the name to the “International Cabriolet Register” So started many visits to the Archives at Browns Lane. The rest is history as they say here we are 31 years later still going strong and details of all 5013 (not 4,993) Located and logged for posterity in My Data base also held at Jaguar Heritage, Gaydon & Jaguar Landrover North America.
        With todays new find Vin127040 John Harper we have located 1,827 of the 5,013

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